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Duda's BHT, 8 oz

• Anhydrous Butylated Hydroxytolune, Granular White Crystals

• 99+% Pure, Food Grade, FCC/USP

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8 oz of Duda's BHT 8 oz of Duda's BHT

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Duda's BHT


by Duda Energy

Duda's BHT is used as an antioxidant in oils and fats. Small percentages of this product are permitted to be used as an additive in food, however, it is more widely used in fuels and oils. BHT works excellent in reducing oxidation of biodiesel and should be used especially when biodiesel is expected to be stored for a long period of time. Biodiesel which is exposed to air will become oxidized (rancid) and may corrode engine parts and reduce the life of an engine and its fuel system components.


To use with Biodiesel, dissolve 200g of Duda's BHT into 800g of Biodiesel to make a 20% solution. Then filter the solution down to 10 micron or less to remove any residue remaining in the solution. This makes it easy for proper mixing into your stored biodiesel.

Mix into your stored biodiesel concentrations in amounts of 600-1000ppm. 1 PPM means 1 Millionth of a percent by weight. Please see our excel calculation sheet for calculating how much BHT you need to add to your biodiesel.



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