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Stearic Acid, 30 lb Pail

• Hystrene 5016, Food Grade NF/USP

• Flake Form, Pure White

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food grade USP stearic acid food grade USP stearic acid

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Stearic Acid

99+% Pure White Flakes

by Duda Energy

Hystrene 5016, Food Grade NF/USP

Highest quality stearic acid, bright white color in flake form. Stearic acid is commonly used in soap making to thicken creams and lotions and also helps in making soaps and candles more hard. Stearic acid is made from animal fats, vegetable oils and tallow.

When used with candles, the increased firmness is good for maintaining shape. Stearic acid helps increase the melting temperature of the wax so the candle will maintain shape in hot summers.


What is the Stearic Acid Produced From?

Our stearic acid is manufactured by PMC Biogenix. The stearic acid is produced from a range of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with carbon chain lengths from C8 to C22. The brand name used for this product is Hystrene 5106. Hystrene saturated and unsaturated fatty acids represent the highest quality refined products offered by PMC Biogenix. They are among the finest commercially available anywhere, ranging in chain length from short-chain Lauric Acid (C12) to long-chain Behenic (C22) Fatty Acids. Hystrene fatty acids are characterized by light color and excellent oxidative and thermal stability. Their superior quality makes them useful in a wide range of sensitive applications, such as in personal care products, waxes, textile auxiliaries, pharmaceuticals, food grade products, plastics, and emulsifiers, as well as a host of demanding chemical intermediates.

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