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sodium carbonate Soda Ash Pail sodium carbonate Soda Ash Pail

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Duda's Sodium Carbonate

Dense Soda Ash

by Duda Energy

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

Grade: Industrial / Technical Grade

Specification: 99.8% Soda Ash / 0.2% Water

Form: Dense granular.

This chemical is widely used as a water softener. It can also be used to make glass and to regulate pH levels. It is also a good base to neautralize and clean up acid spills.


How is it made?

Limestone and salt is mined from the ground. The sodium carbonate is then derived from this limestone and salt.



sodium carbonate Soda Ash Pail
Bucket of Sodium Carbonate, 50 lb
• Soda Ash
• Industrial Grade - 99.8%
• In a 6 gallon heavy-duty bucket
In stock
Average Rating: 9.00/10

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Customer Reviews:
Customer: Ron Moore

Rating: 9/10
Pros: Good product at a good price. Rubber seal in bucket lid to keep out moisture Fast shipping
Cons: A few clups but that is to be expected with Sodium Carbonate.
Other: None

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