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Duda Solar Collector Reflectors

Boost efficiency by up to 35%!

2 Reflectors included with each purchase. Normally, 2 reflectors installed per collector.

Reflectors are an excellent way to increase the efficiency of your Duda Solar Water Collectors. Not only do they increase the effective absorption area of the collector, they help absorb the most extra sunlight when the sun is at its peak during the day. They are very easy to install and are an excellent way to boost efficiency when needed. They may be used all year round or removed during the summer if overheating becomes a problem.

Tubular solar water heaters have spaces between the tubes. When the sun has a high transverse angle to the collector, this is not a problem, since barely any light escapes through the cracks. However, when the sun is perpendicular to the collector, much light escapes through the spaces between these tubes. Adding reflectors to your collectors will reflect the majority of this missed light back up into the back of the tubes, thus adding the amount of sunlight collected.

These reflectors are rounded where the tubes are placed above them to help catch sunlight and then reflect the sunlight towards the tube in the bend of the metal.

Reflectors will need to be integrated into your exisitng collector frame. Holes may need to be drilled on cross beams into order to bolt them securely to the frame.


pool reflectors
Aluminum Collector Reflectors
• 2 Pcs for Duda Solar Pool Collector
• Increase Collector Efficiency by up to 35%!
• Reflects sun that misses tubes back up into tubes
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