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Yellow Pipe Thread Sealant

• Width: 3/4" Length: 260"

• 1.2g/cm3 Density, 89 Micron / 3.5 Mil Thickness

• High Quality Thread Sealant

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3/4" Teflon Thread Sealant Tape 3/4" Teflon Thread Sealant Tape
roll of teflon thread sealant tape roll of teflon thread sealant tape
front view front view

Item Description

High Density PTFE Pipe Thread Sealant/Tape

High Purity & Strength

by Duda Energy

Duda Energy's virgin PTFE/Teflon thread sealant tape is ideal for sealing pipes with a wide range of operating fluids. Teflon tape has excellent resistance against most chemicals, gas, water and oils. Thick and dense teflon tape ensures a solid and long lasting seal against leakage.


Good vs Bad Teflon Tape

There's a lot of teflon tape on the market. How do you know which one to choose? Look for some key factors:

Thickness: Thin teflon tape will not effectively seal in pipe systems which have some pressure or with large pipe sizes. There are some very cheap versions of thread sealant tape which is very thin and only rated up to 3/8" NPT pipe. Many users may find this inexpensive thread sealant to be difficult to create a successful seal with 1/2" NPT and above. Duda Energy's thread sealant tape has a thickness of 89 Micron / 3.5 Mil which ensures an adequate seal.

Density: The density of the teflon used in thread sealant is equally important to the thickness of the tape. A low density tape will stretch easily during threading of the pipes, causing the thickness to decrease and the seal to become weaker. Dense thread sealant is stronger and more able in creating a tough and long lasting seal. Duda Energy's thread sealant tape has an average density of 1.2g/cm3.

Width: A common mistake is to use a thread sealant tape with a width too small for the fitting to be used. It is possible to make several wraps side by side to create multiple rows, but without good precision, an overlap of the tape can cause the sealant to bunch up during threading, which leads to a weakness in the seal and a likeliness of leakage. For this reason, it is advisable to use thread sealant with adequate enough width to cover the threads on the fitting which will be used. Duda Energy's thread sealant tape is currently available in widths of 1/2", 3/4" and 1".


Specifications of Duda Energy Teflon Thread Sealant Tape

100% PTFE
89 Micron / 3.5 Mil
6.6m (260')
1/2", 3/4", 1"
±0.5mm (0.02")
Temperature Range
-190°C ~ +370°C (-310°F ~ +698°F)
High Pressure Resistance
150-200 kg/cm2
Residual Lubrication
Less than 0.45%
Tensile Strength
>7 Mpa (1000 psi)
Greater than 25%
Non-Toxic, non-flammable, inert with natural gas
For pipe diameters of 1.5" and less, wrap 3 times. For greater than 2" wrap 4 times.



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