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HD-25 Heat Dissipater

• Passive Heat Dump, Dissipates > 1.3kW worth of heat

• Handles overheating for a 30 tube 58mm Solar Water Collector

• Copper Pipe Connection, Anodized Aluminum Fins

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solar water heater heat dump dissipater solar water heater heat dump dissipater
solar water heater heat dump radiator solar water heater heat dump radiator
HD-25 heat dump dissipator HD-25 heat dump dissipator

Item Description

Solar Water Heat Dissipater HD-25

The HD is installed on the return line of the solar collectors in the solar water heater system. When the temperature in the storage tank exceeds the set limit, the controller switches a solenoid which directs the solar loop through the HD prior to returning it back into the standard solar loop. Alternatively, a thermostatic mixing valve able to handle the high temperatures may be used to regulate the temperature of the solar loop working fluid.

As the hot water passes through the HD, heat is dissipated via the aluminum finds to the surrounding air. The veridical fin arrangement promotes a passive air current.

One HD-25 unit can dissipate 100% of the heat produced by a Duda Diesel 58mm, 30 tube solar water collector, during very high ambient temperatures.

The copper pipe to and from the collector should be heavily insulated, as should the lengths of pipe to and from the HD. The solenoid valve prevents flow of collector return water through the HD during normal temperature operation, this preventing unnecessary heat loss.

HD-25 Physical Specifications
Overall Height 500mm (19.6")
Overall depth 172mm (6.7")
Overall Width 375mm (14.75")
Heat Transfer Area 2.8m2 30.12 ft2
Gross Weight 6.6 kg (14.50 lb)



  • >1.3 kW heat dissipation capacity*
  • Suitable for fresh water or glycol/water systems
  • Anodized aluminum fins and outer casing for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Silver brazed copper piping with 1/2" Inlet and Outlet
  • Easy mounting on exterior wall or in roof space
  • Able to be connected in series for greater heat dissipation capacity.
  • Minimal pressure drop.
  • May be used as a simple hydronic space heating panel.
  • Neat, attractive design

*Based on 80°C / 176°F water temp, 40°C / 104°F ambient temperature, no forced air flow


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