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Duda's Flex Tubing

• 3/4", Sold by the Foot

• Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

• Ideal for Solar Water Heater Systems

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3/4" corrugated stainless steel tubing 3/4" corrugated stainless steel tubing

Item Description

Duda's Flex Tubing

High Quality Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

By Duda Energy

Duda's Flex tubing is very thick, sturdy and durable. It will hold rigid bends in place and offers strong resistance to corrosion and puncturing. All of our tubing is pressure tested by the factory. For use with liquids and gas.

Flexible Stainless steel tubing is a must have for any solar installation. It is highly resistant to corrosion and heat loss. Traditional copper piping loses heat 20 times faster than stainless steel tubing due to the much higher heat conductivity of copper, resulting in much higher efficiency for solar systems which use stainless steel tubing. Because of the lower conductivity of heat, not only does it save energy, but the stainless steel tubing also will not reach as high temperatures as copper would and thus negates the problem of insulation melting or catching on fire.

The greatest advantage to Duda's Flex Tubing is that it is very flexible so there is no need for elbows when working with it in tight spaces. A single line can be run from point A to point B, which only requires 2 fittings for the complete installation for the tubing. The fittings on the ends of the tubing are G-thread, which means they are straight thread. Because of this, they swivel on the tubing, and seal by use of a teflon gasket. The fittings can easily be installed or removed at any time by use of an adjustable wrench. There is no need to solder fittings or deal with tubing that breaks when it gets old. Stainless steel tubing is going to last for a long time and is very easy to work on.

The installation of fittings does require a special tool. We carry an economical versus for one time installers and a professional version which covers more than one size of Duda's Flex Tubing. For solar installations, we recommend buying plenty of tubing and the economical tool so exact lengths can be run and cut as needed. We do however, offer a fitting installation service at our facility. Simply order the fittings with your tubing as pre-installed and specify what lengths you need cut on the tubing if there are to be multiple pieces.

Duda's Flex Tubing Specifications
Tubing Size
Inner Diameter
12mm (0.472")
16mm (0.63")
20mm (0.79")
Outer Diameter
16mm (0.63")
20mm (0.79")
25mm (0.98")
0.25mm (0.010")
0.3mm (0.012")
1.75mm (0.07")
2.2mm (0.087")
Roll Size
50 Meters (164')
15 Meters (49.2')
Max Working Pressure
15 Bar ( 220 psi)
Surface Area
0.047m2 per meter
0.06m2 per meter
0.074m2 per meter



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