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Twin 30m roll of 1" 20mm Super EPDM Pre-Insulated Corrugated Flexible Stainless Steel Tubing

• 30m/98.5ft per Quantity, 3/4" ID

• Twin Pre-Insulated, plastic coated EPDM tubing, R-Value=3.1, Includes Sensor Wire

• EPDM Insulation is weather resistant, High Temp (175°C/347°F) and the best insulating

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Roll of twin 1" EPDM Insulated Tubing Single Roll of twin 1" EPDM Insulated Tubing Single

Item Description

EPDM Pre-Insulated Stainless Steel Tubing

by Duda Solar

EPDM Pre-Insulated tubing is very flexible and has the highest temperature tolerance and insulating factor of any pipe insulation on the market. It also has a protective layer on the outside of the insulation to prevent deterioration from weather and UV rays which come from the sun. It is available in single and twin rolls. Twin rolls are two tubes attached to each other and include a sensor wire for the collector sensor. The twin rolls offer the most convenience in installing a closed loop solar water heater.

Flexible Stainless steel tubing is a must have for any solar installation. It is highly resistant to corrosion and heat loss. Traditional copper piping loses heat 20 times faster than that of stainless steel tubing. Stainless steel has much lower heat conductivity, which results in higher efficiency for solar systems using stainless steel tubing due to less heat loss within the piping.

The greatest advantage to stainless steel tubing is it is flexible, so no additional fittings are required such as elbows to get from the solar tank to the collector on the roof. The one run of tubing saves trips to the hardware store and makes installations much faster due to no need for a torch and solder. Propylene glycol, commonly used in solar systems also causes problems with solder, so working on a piping system for a solar loop is no picnic with copper. Stainless steel tubing allows for a quick and easy removal with no need for any additional tools.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Parameters
Tubing Size
304 Stainless Steel
Inner Diameter
12mm (0.472")
16mm (0.67")
20mm (0.79")
Outer Diameter
16mm (0.63")
20mm (0.83")
25mm (0.98")
0.25mm (0.010")
0.30mm (0.012")
1.75mm (0.07")
2.2mm (0.09")


EPDM pipe insulation has resistance to high temperatures and is essential for insulating solar system pipes. This insulation is highly resistant to moisture. EPDM insulation resists UV rays and weather.

EPDM Insulation Specifications
Inner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Pre-installed to tubing
Fits Nominal Copper Pipe
Fits Iron Pipe
Fits Stainless Steel Tubing
Thickness of EPDM
20mm (0.79")
Thermal Conductivity of EPDM
0.037 W/m2K
American R-Value (ft2°F/Btu)
SI R-Value (m2K°/W)
Maximum Temperature
175°C (347°F)

EPDM Pre-Insulated tubing is sold by 30 meter rolls only. It is designed to be weather and UV-ray resistant for outside applications. If you require a partial roll to complete a solar system, we recommend using cuts of our stainless tubing sold by the foot with our super 19mm nitrile insulation for the inside portions of your installation if you do not wish to use only part of a roll of the EPDM pre-insulated tubing.


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