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20 Tube Duda Solar Water Collector SRCC 20 Tube Duda Solar Water Collector SRCC
20 Tube 45° Flat Roof / Ground Solar Collector Stand 20 Tube 45° Flat Roof / Ground Solar Collector Stand
20 Tube 37° Flat Roof / Ground Solar Collector Stand 20 Tube 37° Flat Roof / Ground Solar Collector Stand
duda solar slope roof frame duda solar slope roof frame

Duda Solar Slope Roof Frame drawing Duda Solar Slope Roof Frame drawing
Duda Solar Slope Roof Installation Duda Solar Slope Roof Installation
Duda Solar Slope Roof Installation Closeup Duda Solar Slope Roof Installation Closeup

Item Description

Duda Solar

Solar Water Collectors

Φ58mm x 1800mm Vacuum Tubes

Available in 15, 20, 25 & 30 tube manifolds. Manifolds can be connected in series to make larger heaters.

Weather Resistant, Closed Loop System

For use in active solar systems with separated water storage tank

OG-100 SRCC Certified - Eligibile for 30% Government Tax Rebate (Currently good until 2016)


For information on how active solar water heater systems work, please read our article on active solar water heaters

For information on installation, please download the Duda Solar Water Heater Installation Manual (pdf).


Parts Included:

Solar collector manifold

Corresponding Φ58 x 1800mm Long Vacuum Tubes with copper heat pipes & Aluminum fins (pre-installed into tubes)

Spare Vacuum tubes (for breakage insurance during freight transit, extras may be kept by customer as spares)

Roof mounting gear with 37°/45° Inclined stand for Flat Roof / Ground installation or Slope Roof Stand

Tube holders for connecting the bottom of the tubes to the bottom rack of the frame.

Thermal Conduction Paste for elimination of any air pockets between the heat pipe and manifold connection point

Hex Bolts & Nuts / Hardware


Duda Solar SRCC Certifications

15 Tube Solar Rating

20 Tube Solar Rating

25 Tube Solar Rating

30 Tube Solar Rating


Manufacturer's Warranty Period:

All of our solar products come with a manufacturer's warranty. A manufacturer warranty covers materials defective due to the manufacturing process. If a manufacturing defect is discovered during the manufacturer's warranty period, the item may be returned to Duda Energy for repair or a replacement. Only materials found defective due to manufacturing will be replaced under the warranty. The warranty does not cover natural phenomenons such as corrosion.

The manufacturer's warranty period does not designate the expected lifetime for a material, unit or device. It only applies a limited time period in which defects due to manufacturing may be eligible for a claim.

Solar Collector Warranty Period: 3 Years
Stainless Steel Tank Warranty Period: 2 Years
Electrical Heating Element Warranty Period: 1 Year
Controller Warranty Period: 1 Year



SRCC Certified - Eligibile for Government 30% Tax Rebate

ISO 9001:2000 Standard - Reg: CN00208Q10492R0M

ISO 14001:2004 Standard - Reg: CN-00208E20080R0M

ROHS Report - Reg: SHR0808053030F001C

SRCC Certificate:

Some of the many uses:

Heat domestic home water

Solar Radiant home heating

Radiant floor heating

Pool & jacuzzi heating (We also have unpressurized collectors specifically for this)


Winter Resistant

Use of non-toxic propylene glycol antifreeze makes the closed loop solar water heater system winter/freeze resistant when used in conjunction with a water storage tank with a built-in heat exchanger.

The heat pipes in tubular solar collectors contain a proprietory fluid for rapid heat transfer to the manifold. The Duda Solar standard solar collector heat pipes offer general resistance to freezing in cold weather. It is acceptable for the collector to experience intermediate drops below the rated low temperature since the manifold is insulated well and the tubes are protected by a vacuum. However, climates which regularly experience extreme cold weather may require heat pipes designed for the extreme temperatures based on the chart below.

Duda Solar Heat Pipe Freeze Resistance Chart

Heat Pipe Type
Low Temperature Rating
High Temperature Rating
Heat Pipe Thickness
Condenser Cover?
-10°C (14°F)
230°C (446°F)
FP - Freeze Protection
-25°C (-13°F)
250°C (482°F)
SFP - Super Freeze Protection
-50°C (-58°F)


Duda Solar Collector Specifications
# of Tubes
Gross Area
2.342 m2 (25.21 ft2)
3.083 m2 (33.19 ft2)
3.824 m2 (41.16 ft2)
4.565 m2 (49.14 ft2)
Net Aperture Area
1.417 m2 (15.25ft2)
1.889 m2 (20.33 ft2)
2.361 m2 (25.41 ft2)
2.833 m2 (30.49 ft2)
Absorber Area
1.219 m2 (13.12ft2)
1.625 m2 (17.49 ft2)
2.032 m2 (21.87 ft2)
2.438 m2 (26.24 ft2)
Dry Weight
48 kg (106 lb)
64 kg (141 lb)
80 kg (176 lb)
96 kg (211.2 lb)
Fluid Capacity
0.9 Liters (0.2 Gallons)
1.2 Liters (0.3 Gallons)
1.5 Liters (0.4 Gallons)
1.7 Liters (0.5 Gallons)


Duda Solar Collector Parameters
Test Pressure
1200 Kpa (175 psi)
Max Operating Pressure
600 Kpa (87 psi)
Header Connections
3/4" Copper Pipe
Maximum Flow Rate
5.25 gpm
Maximum Working Temperature
229°C (444°F)
Heat Pipe Start-up Temperature
<30°C (86°F)
Heat Pipe Material
TU1 Copper
Heat Pipe Diameter
1mm with 14mm Condenser
Tube Lifespan
~70% Performance @ 15 Years
Fins Around Heat Pipe
1.6m (5.25ft) Single Aluminum Fin
Manifold Pipe Material
TU2 Copper φ35mm x 0.8mm (φ1.4" x 0.3")
Manifold Casing Material
6063 Aluminum Alloy 1.8mm (0.07")
Insulation Type
High Density Rock Wool 93 Kg/m3 (5.8 lb/ft3)
Thickness of Insulation
45mm (1.77")
Frame Material
Black Powder Coated or Argentine
Sealing Materials


Duda Solar Vacuum Tube Parameters
Solar Vacuum Glass Tube Material
High Boron Silicon 3.3 Glass
Outer Tube OD
φ 58mm (φ 2.28")
Inner Tube OD
φ 47mm (φ 1.85")
Tube Length
1800mm (70.9")
Coating of Absorber Glass Tube
Three Target Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN
All glass double tube co-axial structure
Method for Coating
Sediment Method, 3 target magnetron sputtering plating
Specific Absorption
as=0.93~0.96 (AM1.5)
Emission Ratio
Εh=0.04~0.06 (80°C±5°C) (176°F±9°F)
Vacuum Rating
P<5.0 x 10-3 Pa
Hailstone Resistance
Up to φ25 (φ1")
Average Heat Loss Coefficient

20 Tube Duda Solar Water Collector SRCC
Duda Solar Water Collector
• 20 x Duda 58mm x 1800mm Vacuum tubes for Active Solar Systems
• Winter Resistant - Glycol System & Separated Tank
• SRCC Certified for 30% Federal Tax Rebate
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