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Technol B-100 Cold Flow Treatment, 32 Oz

• Decrease Biodiesel Gel Point by 30°F

• 1:750 Ratio, 32 oz treats 187 Gallons of Biodiesel

• EPA Registered for on-road Use

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technol cold flow biodiesel anti gel formula technol cold flow biodiesel anti gel formula

Item Description

Biodiesel B-100 Cold Flow Improver

Special Anti-Gel Formula for 100% Biodiesel (B-100)

This anti-gel product was specially formulated for use with reducing the gel point of B100 (100% biodiesel). Large, cogesive, fatty, solid particles that stop fuel flow are not allowed to form, keeping the fuel free-flowing to avoid damage to fuel pumps and enable the cold flow of biodiesel. Using this anti-gel agent eliminates the need to use diesel fuel or kerosene blending in the winter time. This formula is recommended and safe for diesel vehicles and home heating applications.

Registered with EPA for on-road use

Reduces Biodiesel gel point by about 30°F

Economical and highly concentrated, 1:750 Mixing Ratio

Treat your Biodiesel for less than 10 cents per gallon!

Available in: Quarts, 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums, 275 Gallon Totes, 330 Gallon Totes

Contact us for pricing and shipping rates on 55 Gallon Drums and Larger


Note: Using more or less than the 1:750 ratio has adverse effects on the gel point. Use exactly 1:750 ratio to achieve best results. This formula will not eliminate the plugging restriction on fuel filters. Only heat can solve this issue. Vehicles with a heated fuel filter or filters on top of the engine generally will not have any problems.

Mixing Chart

Material Safety Data Sheet

This product is hazardous and may only ship by Fedex Ground or an LTL carrier. Fedex Ground shipments may only go to the 48 Lower States.


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