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Ground Sulfur Powder, 50 lb Bag

• Ground Yellow Sulfur Powder

• 99.5+% Pure Elemental Sulphur, Bagged

• Motor Freight Shipments Only - Need more than 100 Bags? Contact us for special pricing.

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Item Description

Ground Yellow Sulfur Powder

by Duda Energy

99.5+% Pure Specifications

Chemical Formula: S8

CAS# 7704-34-9

Synonyms: Brimstone, Sulphur

Sulfur is recovered during gas manufacturing as a molten sulfur. It is then cooled on a stainless steel belt and forms into a flake form. The flakes are then taken off the belt and ground into powder.

Some Uses:

  • Fertilizers / soil treatment (commonly used in large farms)
  • Adjust the pH of soil, which is essential for certain fruits such as blueberries
  • Excellent as an additive to a lawn/garden

Sulfur is insoluable in water. Only mixtures in water can be made.

Sulfur powder has a low flammability rating. It can be compared to wood in terms of flammability. Note that pure solid sulfur powder does not burn easily because it requires a lot of oxygen to achieve the necessary ignition. We do not recommend burning sulfur powder due to the release of sulfur dioxide, which is a poisonous gas.

Specialized applications
Sulfur is used as a light-generating medium in the rare lighting fixtures known as sulfur lamps.


This chemical is not classified as hazardous if shipped domestically by ground mail. It can only be shipped by Fedex Ground.


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