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Pump Head for KCB 55

• Cast Iron, 1" Ports

• Adapt your own motor for powerful pumping applications

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KCB 55 Pump Head KCB 55 Pump Head

Item Description

KCB Gear Fuel Oil Pump

All Metal Gear Pump

This pump is designed for pumping light fuel oils such as diesel, kerosene, and biodiesel. It is also possible to pump vegetable oil, motor oil, and even glycerol (waste product in biodiesel process). However, the viscosity of the working fluid will greatly determine if the pump can handle it. The duty cycle of the pump may not be continuous if these thicker oils are the fluid medium and especially if they are below 100°F.

The gear pump is a pump attached to the motor by a shaft. The pump itself is all metal (metal gears) and can pump hot fluids without affecting the motor.The motor is high power and has thermal protection, which will automatically shut off the pump in case of the risk of overheating.

These pumps create powerful suction and are self-priming. They can run dry for only intermediate amounts of time, allowing for the use of a suction hose for collecting fluids from a tank. They should not be run dry for an extended period of time as oil is required to lubricate the pump head. The metal gears which drive the pumping action can handle a lot of fluids, even if partially dirty. In the case of vegetable oil, any soft particles will pass right through the pump with no problems, and are often pulverized by the gears. Hard materials, such as metals, should not be allowed to pass through the pump or it may cause damage to the gears.


WVO Collection:

These pumps have high suction power and are great for collecting vegetable oil from tanks. Whether simply transferring oil or collecting oil, these pumps deliver fast pumping with no need for priming the suction hose.



These pumps are considered to be much safer for biodiesel production than the harbor freight clear water pumps since the pump is separate from the motor. The advantages of the continuous functionality and high flow rates make this an excellent pump for a biodiesel processor. It will pump the waste vegetable oil, biodiesel and even glycerin without any trouble.


Viscous & Cold Oils:

While this pump has a high power motor capable of handling viscous oils in some applications, it will reduce the duty cycle of the pump and may be impossible for it to operate properly if the fluid is too cold/viscous. If the pump cannot get up to full operating speed during start-up, it will quickly heat up. It is recommended to start the pump to full operational speed prior to introducing a viscous fluid to it so that it will be able to maintain pumping speed.


Operation Tips:

Although the pump can run dry for the case of priming, it is best not to run the pump dry continuously for a long period of time to prevent the risk of damage to the pump from lack of lubrication. Fluids should be kept clean to avoid clogging of the gears. Coarse strainers (400+ micron) can be used on the suction end to prevent large particles from entering the pump. Do not use fine filters on the suction side or the restriction will prevent adequate flow.



A solid pipe or rigid hose is required for these pumps on the suction side. If a flexible hose is required, we recommend using the trash suction hoses which can easily retain shape with high suction power applied through them.


Required Set-up

This pump needs to be wired prior to use. The gaskets for the flanges do not have holes cut out to protect the pump from collecting debris in the gear during storage and transit.

KCB Gear Pump Common Technical Parameters
Max Suction Height
5 meters (16 feet)
Max Head
30 Meters
Pump Material
Cast Iron
1 Year against manufacturer's Defects


KCB Gear Pump Technical Parameters by Model
Flow rate

18.3 L/m

(5 gpm)

33.3 L/m

(9 gpm)

55 L/m

(14.5 gpm)

83.3 L/m

(22 gpm)

133 L/m

(35 gpm)

200 L/m

(53 gpm)

300 L/m

(80 gpm)


(128 gpm)


(167 gpm)

1.45 Mpa (210 psi)
0.33 Mpa (45 psi)
0.36 Mpa (52 psi) (Adjustable)
0.28 Mpa (41 psi)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
43" x 22" x 24"
45" x 23" x 25"
Input Voltage
220 VAC, 1-Phase
460 VAC / 60 Hz, 3-Phase
Rotation Speed
1450-1750 rpm
960-1200 rpm
1440~1500 rpm
960~1000 rpm
Max Power
1.5 KW (2 HP)
2.2 KW (3 HP)
1.5 KW (2 HP)
2.2 KW (3 HP)
5.5 KW (7.3 HP)
7.5 KW (10 HP)
11 KW (14.6 HP)
Inlet/Outlet Threads
3/4" NPT
3/4" NPT
1" NPT
1.5" NPT
2" NPT
3" NPT
3" AMST Flange
4" AMST Flange
75 lb
78 lb
78 lb
95 lb
248 lb
281 lb
445 lb
587 lb

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