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Denatured Ethanol, 55 Gallon Drum

• 200-Proof Ethyl Alcohol Denatured with IPA and MIBK

• 55 Gallon Drum

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55g Drum of Ethyl Alcohol 55g Drum of Ethyl Alcohol

Item Description

Denatured Ethanol
200-Proof Ethanol denatured with Isopropyl Alcohol & NP Acetate

Formula for Denaturing:

200-Proof Ethanol - 90.5%

Isopropyl Alcohol - 4.5%

NP Acetate - 5%

Denatured alcohol has a variety of common uses

As a fuel for marine and ultra-light camping (backpacking) stoves. It is inexpensive, may be extinguished with water, and can be transported without special containers. However, safety concerns do arise from the near-colourless flame with which alcohol burns. A jellied and dyed form is used in the Sterno brand fuel "Canned Heat", and is meant to be ignited and used in the container.

As a sanding aid, as the alcohol helps to more easily remove excess dust because it does not open the wood grain the way that water does.

As a mealybug exterminator.

As a cleaning aid in removing ink stains from upholstery or clothes.

As a cleaner in daily housekeeping

As a solvent in shellac and shellac-based products.

As a less expensive alternative to pure ethanol in preserving biological specimens.

As a less toxic alternative to methanol in the production of biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel produced using ethanol is properly called fatty acid ethyl ester, whereas biodiesel from methanol is properly referred to as fatty acid methyl ester.

For maintenance of wicks in kerosene heaters and lamps to remove water contaminants and restore the capillary action of the wick. As a wick cleaner and a kerosene additive, adding approx. 1 teaspoon denatured alcohol per gallon of kerosene.

As a fuel for older toy steam engines which used a wick type or vapourising burner.

Window washing


HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL: This item may not be compatible with other hazardous materials. Please view the compatibility chart if you plan to order multiple, hazardous items together. If you need two chemicals which are not compatible, please order them separately, as they cannot be shipped in the same box.

Hazardous chemicals can only be shipped to the 48 US states. They also cannot be shipped to an APO. Hazardous chemicals may only be shipped via fedex ground.

This product is made in the USA.


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