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Welcome to The DudaDiesel Store Affiliate Program


Make 10% Commission
Promoting Duda Diesel
Joining our affiliate program is simple and easy. There has been a lot of interest in alternative energy, especially alternative fuels and there are currently not many places for people to get their supplies. Our store offers all the supplies needed to make Biodiesel and also many other expensive products for alternative energies which are difficult to find at a reasonable price. This is your chance to profit on the traffic you draw into your website.
It is as easy as possible for you to benefit on this opportunity:
- Joining our program is 100% free
-There are no minimum sales required
Commission on total Sales made by a user for ONE WHOLE MONTH
If a user comes to our site through your link today, you will also get commission on any purchases made within a month of that click. This means that you get commission on immediate sales & sales made later by the same customer, or even if the customer leaves our site and comes back later.
10% Commission on profits made by other affiliates that you refer
(effective commission is 1% of total sales made by that affiliate)
-Free Promotional Material - We supply the banners and links
-Honest Software installed on our own server (no one to shave your sales)
-Sales reports & More!
All you need to do is sign-up for our program. You will be provided with a unique linking code to provide on your website. All customers who click on this link will have a cookie placed into their browser and any purchases they make over the next 30 days will be credited to your account. This means that customers who find our site through you but do not purchase for a few days will still give you credit for the sale for up to one month! If they make several purchases, you get commission on all of them!
We send out payments at the beginning of each month. You have the option to receive a check or paypal transfer. (If you do the paypal method, save yourself fees by using a personal account).The minimum for payout is $5.00. IF you do not reach the $5.00 minimum for a month, the balance will be carried over to the next month.



Click on the join button to sign-up for our program. Within minutes you will be emailed all the information you need to get stared. The specific URL you will need to link to us with will be given to you. You can have your link to us up and running in no time at all and begin your earnings right away!

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