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Sulfur Powder, 10 lb

• Ground Yellow Sulfur Powder, Commercial Flour

• 99.5+% Pure Elemental Sulphur, Bagged

• Feed Grade - Safe for use as an additive in feed for animals

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10 lb duda energy ground yellow Sulfur Powder 10 lb duda energy ground yellow Sulfur Powder

Item Description

Ground Yellow Sulfur Powder

99.5+% Pure Elemental Sulfur

by Duda Energy


Chemical Formula: S8

CAS# 7704-34-9

Synonyms: Brimstone, Sulphur

Commercial Grade Sulfur is recovered during gas manufacturing as a molten sulfur. It is then cooled on a stainless steel belt and forms into a flake form. The flakes are then taken off the belt and ground into sulfur powder. The sulfur is without additives and is regarded as safe as Animal Feed / an additive to animal foods. It is not considered suitable for human consumption.

Note: Commercial Grade sulfur should not be confused with Sublimed or precipitated sulfur. Sublimed sulfur is recovered from the same manufacturing process, except it is precipitated from the gas in a vapor state rather than through the molten method. Although the purity of the two are relatively the same, this is considered to be safe for human consumption since the extra step ensures that there is nothing harmful to humans in it. Sublimed sulfur it is considered to be food grade/USP grade. Food Grade/USP grade sulfur is no longer produced in the united states and is difficult to obtain.

Commercial Feed Grade Sulfur has many uses:

  • Additive for Feedstock / Animal Consumption
  • Fertilizers / soil treatment (commonly used in large farms)
  • Adjust the pH of soil, which is essential for certain fruits such as blueberries
  • Excellent as an additive to a lawn/garden
  • Rids of pests (spread into a garden to scare away snakes)
  • Kills/Repels Insects (keeps ticks off a dog's hair)
  • Burning of sulfur kills insects with sulfur dioxide fumes

Sulfur is insoluble in water. Only mixtures in water can be made.

Sulfur powder has a low flammability rating. It can be compared to wood in terms of flammability. When burned, it creates sulfur dioxide, a poisonous gas which can cause harm to animals and may also cause many health hazards if burned in large quantities (acid rain is one of them). In the old days, people used to burn sulfur powder to remove pests and clean out fields. This is not really done anymore and it is strongly recommended to not burn it anywhere near where people live because of the health hazard. Sulfur candles used to be widely available for burning sulfur. The candles were a mixture of sulfur and other ingredients to help it burn, Note that pure solid sulfur powder does not burn easily because it requires a lot of oxygen to get a nice blue flame. The only way to make it burn well is to mix it well into the air. This can be done with a specially made sulfur burner. We do not recommend burning sulfur powder and are not responsible for any damages to anything or anyone by doing so.

Specialized applications
Sulfur is used as a light-generating medium in the rare lighting fixtures known as sulfur lamps.


This chemical is not classified as hazardous if shipped domestically by ground. It can only be shipped by Fedex Ground as USPS does not permit mailing of it in any way. Sulfur is regulated by air and is therefore not shippable by air.


Average Rating: 10.00/10

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Customer Reviews:
Customer: Doc Ovk

Rating: 10/10
Pros: very useful, use matience
Cons: nice job keep it up!
Other: very clenly

Customer: Connie

Rating: 10/10
Pros: Works great for horse stalls, keeping flies and oder down
Cons: can be messy
Other: Also works well to keep pests and roaming animals out from under your house and helps control oder from urine and etc.

Customer: ojii-san

Rating: 10/10
Pros: quick
Cons: to quick, no chance to choose cheap slow delivery
Other: $20 shipping cost doubles $20 product cost

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