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80 Series Diesel Fuel Pump, 110v

• 110v AC, 1" Ports, 21.1 gpm

• For transfer of diesel fuel, biodiesel, kerosene, Not for use with Vegetable Oil or WMO

• Viton Seals & Gaskets, Biodiesel Compatible

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80 series oil pump 80 series oil pump
80 series oil pump 2 80 series oil pump 2
fitting for 80 series oil pump fitting for 80 series oil pump

Item Description

Diesel / Biodiesel Pumps

40, 60 & 80 Series Light Oil Pumps

Not for use with vegetable oil and other such heavy oils

These pumps are designed for light oil pumping applications such as diesel fuel, biodiesel and kerosene. These pumps cannot handle thicker oils such as vegetable oil, transmission fluid or motor oil. Fit with Viton seals, they are 100% biodiesel compatible. Use this pump for fueling vehicles, transfering fluids, filtering fluids & more.

The primary function of this pump is for fueling vehicles with an automatic nozzle. The pump will build up pressure to 44 psi max and then be unable to pump anymore. No bypass is needed as the pump will not damage itself when the oil flow is stopped (usually by a nozzel) The pump should not be left on for a long period of time when restricted, as it will wear down the vanes, but it is ok for normal usage.

Included with this pump are 2 straight hose barb fittings which use a viton oring to form a proper seal with the pump. Although the fittings on the pump are straight thread, most NPT fittings can be made to fit when using yellow teflon tape.

Technical Paramters

40 Series
60 Series
80 Series
Pump Flowrate

20-40 L/min

5.25-10.5 gpm

20-60 L/min

5.25-15.75 gpm

20-80 L/min

5.25-21 gpm

12v DC
110v AC
110v AC
Max Working Pressure

3 Bar

(44 psi)

3 Bar

(44 psi)

3 Bar

(44 psi)

Power Consumption
150 Watts
370 Watts
550 Watts
Port Size
Maximum Suction Height
5 Meters (16 feet)
5 Meters (16 feet)
5 Meters (16 feet)
Maximum Lift
10 Meters (32 Feet)
10 Meters (32 Feet)
10 Meters (32 Feet)
Length of Wire(s)
6 feet
57 inches
57 inches
Pump Type
Duty Cycle
30 Minutes



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