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12v 40 psi diaphragm pump 12v 40 psi diaphragm pump
diaphragm pump mounting feet diaphragm pump mounting feet
quick connect fittings provided with purchase of diaphragm pump quick connect fittings provided with purchase of diaphragm pump

Item Description

4.5 gpm Max Flow Diaphragm Pump

3 x 1/2" Quick connect fittings provided (1 straight barb, 1 1/2" NPT, 1 elbow barb)

Includes Protective Strainer (For use in water applications only, for backup protection only)

This pump is an on-demand water delivery pump. The original design is for supplying water to a faucet or shower head. When pressure builds to 40 psi, the pump will shut off until pressure is relieved. This pump has been fitted with viton orings so that it is now compatible with biodiesel. Although originally designed for water pumping, The pump can run dry without damage.

Pumps on Demand when below 40 psi

Continuous Duty Cycle

Sensor shuts off pump at 80°C (176°F)

Pump turns off automatically when 40 psi has been achieved.

Max vacuum pressure ~10mm Hg

*Max Suction Height Between 0.5 - 1.0 Meters (1.5 - 3.5 ft)


This pump can draw fluids through the suction side of a hose without priming.


Biodiesel Applications:

This pump is a very useful tool in dry wash resin towers. Simply plumb the pump in to the tower so that it pushes the biodiesel into the bottom of the tower and out the top. Use a ball valve at the outlet of the tower to restrict flow. The pump will build up to 40 psi and then shut off. It will turn back on as pressure is relieved from the slow flowing biodiesel exiting the tower. This allows full control of the flow rate through the tower so adequate flow rates can be achieved. This pump can be left on over-night and does not require any attendance once the proper valve opening has been set.



Our diaphragm pumps do not have explosion proof motors, so they are not rated for flammable fluids. However, the pump is magnetically driven and fully enclosed so we have personally found that it is generally ok for pumping methanol. We use it for pumping methanol from 55 gallon drums to processors. The orings are made of viton, which is acceptable for methanol for a certain period of time. But if this pump is to be used with methanol, these orings need to be swapped out with regular NBR seals to ensure a long life usage. The viton will usually be corroded in about 6 months, which will cause the pump to lose suction.

Diaphragm pump performance sheet

Diaphragm pump mounting & operation instruction sheet.

40 psi Diaphragm Pump Specifications
Parameter Value
Flow Rate (Open Flow)
17L/min = 4.5 gp
Dimensions (approx):
9.5" x 4" x 3.75"
9.2A @ 12 VDC; 0.5A @ 110 VAC
1/2" Quick Connect (see below)
Max Pressure Output:
40 psi
Max Temperature:
176 deg F
Nominal Fluid Temperature:
140 deg F
Thermal Protection:
Rubber Seal Type:
6 Months
Types of Fluids Transferable:
Water, Biodiesel
Run Dry without damage:

Fluids should be without large particle contamination. Although there is a strainer provided, it should not be used as a filtering device. This strainer is intended for water applications only as a backup safety device. It is preferred to have fluids with particles of less than 50 micron when using this pump. Solid particles in the fluid will cause damage to the diaphragm and void warranty.

While the pump is capable of moving vegetable oi, motor oil and other thick fluids, we do not recommend it for this use as it can get clogged up with the fluid sitting in it and require a water purge to get it to pump again. Diesel fuel has also been known to cause failure in the pumps.


12v 40 psi diaphragm pump
FL-40 ProPump 40 Psi Diaphragm Pump, 12v DC
• 12v DC, Quick connect fittings, Creates vacuum for suction
• Open Flow: 4.5 gpm, 40 Psi Pressure Switch, Runs Dry
• Viton Seals & Gaskets, Biodiesel Compatible
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Average Rating: 9.00/10

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Customer Reviews:
Customer: Johnathan

Rating: 9/10
Pros: Nice little pump! I use it to pump recycled motor oil.
Cons: Fittings did not ship with the pump, but they were sent within a week.
Other: I dropped the pump in my maini oil hopper and it pumps just fine after a good drainning. I have it mounted on a frame with a Golden Rod filter.

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