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insulated blanket drum heater insulated blanket drum heater
blanket drum heater blanket drum heater

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55 Gallon Insulated Blanket Drum Heaters

Our blanket drum heaters come with adjustable velcro straps to ensure proper fit of larger and smaller 55 gallon drums/barrels. Wrapping the blanket around the entire drum ensures rapid and even heating. The digital thermostat with timer ensures consistent heating which will prevent under and overheating your material.

The blanket heater is high in energy savings when compared to a traditional silicon band heater since it insulates the entire drum and ensures minimal heat loss.

Both the heating wire and outer fabric is water-proof.

55 Gallon Insulated Blanket Drum Heater Specifications
890mm (35")
1940mm (76")
Input Voltage
120v AC
920 Watts
6 kg (13 lb)
Insulation Thickness
15mm (0.6")
Plug Type
American Standard 3 Prong
Timer Range
0~12 Hours
Temperature Range
25~75°C (77~167°F)
Thermal Conductivity
0.038 W/mK
R-Value (SI)
0.211 mK/W
R-Value (USA)
2.58 Btu/(hr ft °F)


insulated blanket drum heater
55 Gallon Insulated Blanket Drum Heater
• 120v/920 Watts, Digital Thermostat Range: 10~75°C (50~167°F), Timer: 0-12 Hours
• Insulation Thickness: 15mm (0.6"), Water-Proof,
• Height: 890mm (35"), Width: 1940mm (76")
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