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Fitting for Duda's Flex Tubing

• Size: 3/4" Includes PTFE gasket and C-ring

• For use with Duda's Flex Tubing

• Choose install option to have installed onto an order for tubing (buy in pairs)

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Item Pictures
3/4" fitting for flexible stainless steel tubing 3/4" fitting for flexible stainless steel tubing
Tubing Nut PTFE Gasket C Ring for Duda's 3/4" Flex Tubing Tubing Nut PTFE Gasket C Ring for Duda's 3/4" Flex Tubing

Item Description
These fittings are required for adapting flexible stainless steel tubing to pipe fittings. They are straight thread, which means they require the gasket for making a seal. While it's best to adapt these to other straight thread fittings, they will fit to most NPT fittings as well without the use of teflon tape or pipe dope. The seal to the gasket must be made in order to prevent leakage, so the threads should not become tight.

Installed option: If you choose the installed option, we will install these fittings onto pieces of stainless steel tubing made on the same order. We will also pressure test the tubing with water to be sure all crimping is made effective. Purchase these fittings in pairs if you intend to have them installed, which will install them for one on each side. For multiple pieces of hose, please specify in order comments the lengths you want cut and fittings adapted to.

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