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BD2400 High Pressure Solenoid Valve

• 8mm Orifice, 1/4" NPT, Normally Closed

• Brass Body, NBR Seals, 28°F-176°F

• 1~60 Bar (1~870 psi)

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BD2400 High pressure 2 way solenoid valve BD2400 High pressure 2 way solenoid valve
BD valve drawing BD valve drawing

Item Description

BD2400 High Pressure Solenoid Valves

Brass/NBR valves are suitable for water, hot water, gas, air, non-corrosive oils and freon.


Flow of the Valve

The Semi-Direct Lift valves can only stop flow in one direction, which is indicated by the arrow on the body of the valve. These valves should only be used for stopping flow in one direction.


Electrical Connection

The electric coil uses a DIM connector. This connect contains wiring terminals for easy connection and a simple connect/disconnect: Simply unscrew the DIM connector and unplug the valve for service (no need to disconnect the wires from the terminals). The coils are not polarized, which mean that positive/negative does not matter when wiring them. We highly recommend using the ground terminal in the DIM connector to avoid electric shock when touching the valve.


Coil Use

The coils are designed to withstand heat build-up from continuous use as long as they are exposed to ambient and not insulated in order to dissipate heat. Although they can be used continuously without shutoff, it will reduce the life of the coil to operate them constantly. DC valves will experience more rapid heating than AC valves due to the higher amperage required to operate them. The rated maximum power consumption often only occurs when the valve operates near the maximum pressure. When no pressure is applied, the valve's power consumption is about 1/3 of the maximum power consumption.

Working Fluid

The working fluid can be a variety of substances. The fluid must be clean of debris for proper operation of the solenoid valve. If any debris gets into the valve body, it can clog the diaphragm from a complete seal, thus preventing a a successful closure of the valve. In the event of clogging, these valves are easy to clean. Simply remove the 4 bolts holding the body together to access the diaphragm for cleaning.



High Pressure Solenoid Valve Parameters
Thread Connection (NPT)
Orifice Size (mm)
Motion Pattern
Semi-Direct Lift
A (mm)
B (mm)
Height (mm)
Fluid Working Temperature
Brass/NBR: -5°C - 80°C (29°F - 176°F)
Working Pressure
1~60 Bar (14.5 - 870 psi)
Maximum Power Consumption
18w +/- 10%

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