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5 gallon drum of sulfuric acid 5 gallon drum of sulfuric acid
2" standard buttress bung opening 2" standard buttress bung opening

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May be used for many different manufacturing processes, removing FFAs from dirty vegetable oil before producing bio-diesel, and lab experiments. Can be used to make common battery acid if mixed properly with distilled water.

For information on using sulfuric acid in biodiesel production, please see our Biodiesel Guide on the Two-Stage Process. This process can help process high FFA oils and reduces the amount of lye needed.


This product is made in the USA. HAZMAT SHIPMENT: Hazmat shipments sent by Fedex Ground must have a signature upon delivery by the recipient. Product cannot be left at the delivery location without signature made by a physical person there. Door tags may not be signed to leave the package.


5 gallon drum of sulfuric acid
Sulfuric Acid, 65# Jerrycan
• 65# Drum of of H2S04
• 98% Concentration, 65 lb = 4.25 Gallons
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Customer: Fred Rowe

Rating: 10/10
Pros: This is a good buy for anodizers.
Cons: none
Other: None

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