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Potassium Hydroxide, 2 lb

• Duda's Red Hot Devil Potash, 90+% Purity

• Meets Food Chemical Codex, High Quality Caustic Potash

• KOH, Flake Form, Child Safe HDPE Container

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Item Pictures
Duda's Red Hot Devil Potash (KOH) Duda's Red Hot Devil Potash (KOH)
Wide-Mouth Container Wide-Mouth Container

Item Description

Duda's Red Hot Devil Potash

90+% Pure Potassium Hydroxide / Caustic Soda Potash

Meets the specifications of the Food Chemicals Codex

Meets ANSI/AWWA B511-10 Test Requirements

Meets USP and NF test requirements

Made in the USA

Some of the Many Common Uses:

  • Biodiesel Production (highly recommended over sodium hydroxide)
  • Liquid Soap Making
  • Drain Cleaning (dissolves fats and oils into soaps, eats organic material)
  • Soft Pretzel Making
  • Peeling of fruits & vegetables
  • Cocoa Processing
  • Fertilizer (for crops which need high sources of potassium)
  • Cleaning grease from grease traps, exhaust hoods and fryers
  • Olive Curing
  • Paint Removal
  • HHO System Catalyst
  • Aluminum Etching
  • Relaxer to help straighten hair (users must be cautious of potential burns when using for this method)

    HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL: This item may not be compatible with other hazardous materials. Please view the compatibility chart if you plan to order multiple, hazardous items together. If you need two chemicals which are not compatible, please order them separately, as they cannot be shipped in the same box.

    Hazardous chemicals can only be shipped to the 48 US states. They also cannot be shipped to an APO. Hazardous chemicals may only be shipped via fedex ground.

    This product ships as a consumer commodity ORM-D. There are no extra fees to ship this item.


    Average Rating: 9.33/10

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    Customer Reviews:
    Customer: Mitchell Lin

    Rating: 9/10
    Pros: Perfect for making biodiesel and I also use it for clean up to get rid of that oily mess. The container is secure and easy for accessing the potash.
    Cons: I would like the container to be lined with plastic to further prevent humidity from getting to it. The dust from the potash can get on you but if you handle it with care, it's alright.
    Other: none entered

    Customer: Brian Cassidy

    Rating: 9/10
    Pros: Beautiful, complete reaction in base/base process.
    Cons: none entered
    Other: Have been using lye from a local source and was not satisfied with results; first stage of recent batch made with this KOH was cleaner that end result of past batches using lye.

    Customer: Zander

    Rating: 10/10
    Pros: Works good, cheep, and I can confirm its Potassium Hydroxide.
    Cons: none
    Other: Keep up the good work.

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