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Refined Potassium Nitrate, 10 lb

• In a bag

• White Pellets / Prilled

• Highly Refined 99.8% Minimum Purity

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Potassium Nitrate Pellets Potassium Nitrate Pellets

Item Description

Potassium Nitrate

Highly Refined: 99.8% Minimum Purity, Prilled (Small Pellets)

by Duda Energy


Potassium nitrate, also known as salt peter, is a chemical compound with the chemical formula KNO3. A naturally occurring mineral source of nitrogen, KNO3 constitutes a critical oxidizing component of black powder gunpowder. In the past it was also used for several kinds of burning fuses, including slow matches. Used for fertilizer, amateur rocketry, fireworks, smoke bombs & more.

As a stump remover, potassium nitrate will accelerate the rotting of stumps. Simply drill holes into the stump, add some water and potassium nitrate, and the stump will rot more rapidly over time without affecting living vegetation around the stump.

MSDS LINK for potassium nitratecertificate of analysis for potassium nitrate

HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL: This item may not be compatible with other hazardous materials. Please view the compatibility chart if you plan to order multiple, hazardous items together. If you need two chemicals which are not compatible, please order them separately, as they cannot be shipped in the same box.

Hazardous chemicals can only be shipped to the 48 US states. They also cannot be shipped to an APO. Hazardous chemicals may only be shipped via fedex ground.


Average Rating: 10.00/10

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Customer Reviews:
Customer: Don

Rating: 10/10
Pros: Excellent product. Fast Service, and great Help. Fast shipping.
Cons: None
Other: None

Customer: mike spencer

Rating: 10/10
Pros: very good grade
Cons: littl hard to motar and psetile but ball mills in 3 hours to a perfect powder
Other: None

Customer: Dick Fittswell

Rating: 10/10
Pros: You get exactly what is described, in addition to quick shipping and excellent customer service.
Cons: Now I have to order everything from them. . . .
Other: Thanx DudaDeisel

Customer: Noah

Rating: 10/10
Pros: Came on time and was exactly what I needed.
Cons: None
Other: I needed a fine powder but for the price it was worth refining this into a powder.

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