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Diesel Secret - A Scam to Steal Your Money

Diesel Secret Energy (DSE) is a website which claims it has found a new way to make biodiesel with a simple additive. Its advertised as easy, cheap and fast. In the fine print, which most users dont bother reading, you will find that they will take no liability for damage to your engine from use of their method. Their website also mentions that they are not a solid company. They are simply a bunch of guys on laptops who do not have a definite location. The reason is quite simple. So you can’t go after them when their method racks up a large maintenance bill on your vehicle.

Although Diesel Secret Energy does provide its disclaimers, it also boasts many false claims such as "increased mileage," "money saving," and "inexpensive, high performance fuel that can power any diesel engine and the cost to you is onyl 46 cents per gallon," and "our fuel will lead to longer injection pump life." As you will notice if you click on the BBB link above, DSE has failed to substantiiate any of these advertising claims and in fact, is selling an idea that has been well-known for a long time and a product which does nothing to aid in that idea.

The Diesel Secret additive is nothing special at all. In fact, its just a combination of some sort of alcohol or minerals that smell sort of like diesel. Along with the additive, they give a recipe book which claims the secret recipe is to mix a certain combination of diesel, gasoline, kerosene and vegetable oil along with a small amount of their additive. This is where the scam fools most, making them thing that this is a secret formula and the additive actually does something to make a usable fuel. It does not make biodiesel. This is stated on their website. In fact, all they are doing is telling you to mix viscous vegetable oil with fuels to thin it down. Since the additive does nothing, this can be done by anyone without their "secret" formula.

Whether you choose to blend fuels or not, you should not use the diesel secret additive. The only purpose of the additive is to steal money from your pocket while advertising a well-known technique for using vegetable oil as a mixed fuel. Their marketing scam has been successful since they have spent most of their time on advertising and convincing you to use their product, catching those who are not yet well-informed on the subject and will believe it’s a good method just because it works initially.

Why blending vegetable oil with other fuels is bad

The original diesel engine was made to run on straight vegetable oil. However, diesel engines since then have been made to run on the more convenient petro-diesel and can no longer handle the viscous oils as easily as the engine once did. The older diesels such as the 1970’s mercedes diesels are a lot tougher and able to handle cold vegetable oils and blended fuels. However, just because it works, does not mean that it isn’t destroying the life of the engine. Those vehicles should run well over a million mile life span, but using cold vegetable oil can destroy injectors and the injector pump over time, which is the opposite of the DSE claim.

There are many reasons why you should not just thin down vegetable oil with other fuels. One reason is that vegetable oil contains many fats which may not fully melt until at least 80-100 degrees F. These fats will clog your filters extremely fast, causing you to be stranded on the highway. Some users may find cold vegetable oil will clog a typical filter in only 50 miles of driving, while some may be able to get 1000-2000 miles per fuel filter. In the case of dumping vegetable oil into your regular fuel tank, it is highly recommended to at least install a plate heat exchanger before the fuel filter to help save some life by melting the fats and possibly preserving valuable engine parts as well.

The viscous and fatty oil will also clog your injectors over time, requiring early maintenance in either having to clean them or replace them entirely. Injectors are not cheap to replace and they are one of the only vital parts to a diesel engine. A misfiring injector will cause great amounts of pollution and excessive black smoke to come from your exhaust. This is unburned fuel passing through your engine.

Besides damaged injectors, the viscous vegetable oil will also strain your injection pump. This is probably the most expensive part of your engine. Viscous fluids put great amounts of stress on it and will definitely shorten its life span when used with cold vegetable oil or a blend of vegetable oil and other fuels to thin it. The cost to replace an injection pump can greatly outweigh the savings on using a blend of vegetable oil and diesel. Some people may get away with it if they have an older diesel, but many have found the consequences of pushing cold vegetable oil through their engine. Any users with a TDI should be very wary when using blended fuels as it can severely damage the engine in a short period of time.

Remember that while blending fuels will work at first and appear to be fine, the engine damage cannot be noticed until failure of the engine has occurred. Many are then left frustrated and with high repair bills for their vehicle. There are many risks when straight vegetable oil or blended fuels are used without proper heating. For those who do not want any risk at all, true biodiesel is the way to go.

Why you should not use gasoline in a diesel

Another poor thing about the diesel secret method is that it calls for the use of kerosene and gasoline as a thinner to the vegetable oil. You should only be using diesel to thin out your veggie oil if you do choose this method. DSE calls for these fuels in the recipe to trick you into thinking you are doing more than just thinning out the veggie oil. After all, it’s a secret nobody knows about, right?

The chemical formulas of both gasoline and kerosene are completely different from diesel and vegetable oil. Each carbon and hydrogen atom in a carbon chain needs a certain amount of oxygen to ignite. A typical diesel hydrocarbon has from 12 to 20 carbon atoms while gasoline only has 6-10 on average. Because of this, diesel requires a lot more air to fully combust than gasoline. Your diesel engine, which is specifically designed to run only on diesel, draws in a certain amount of air to combust diesel fuel. When you add a fuel which requires less air, you are wasting energy in compressing air that is not needed in the combustion process. The result: fuel efficiency loss and loss of power.

There is another even more crucial reason to not use other fuels such as gasoline in your diesel engine. The injectors in your diesel require lubricating fuel to operate. Diesel provides just enough lubrication for your injectors to operate properly. Even slight traces of gasoline in newer engines can damage injectors quickly from lack of lubrication. Gasoline has been used to clean injectors in older diesels which can take the stress, but newer vehicles may not be able to handle the low lubricating properties of gasoline as well.

Another thing which can quickly damage your injectors is water. Water also lacks proper lubrication. Vegetable oil with water in it will damage your injectors quickly. Be very careful not to let water get into your system when dealing with vegetable oil as a fuel. This is a general rule for biodiesel, two-tank SVO systems and fuel blending methods as well.


In conclusion, do not use the Diesel Secret Energy Fuel mixing method. The formula is set to trick you and the additive you pay high dollars for does nothing. If you are not going to properly process vegetable oil into biodiesel or use a straight vegetable oil system to heat the vegetable oil so it is safe to use, at least don't waste your money on the diesel secret "formula". It is a scam to steal your money. If you are still convinced by their website flooded with claims of an easy cheap fuel, please check out the numerous complaints filed to the Better Business Bureau about Diesel Secret.

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